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Watch: Generous boss rewards his employee a brand new Proton Saga for his 10 years of hard work

Some employers reward their employees by giving an increment or bonus. As for this lucky employee, his employer rewarded him with a brand new Proton car in recognition of his hard work!

In a TikTok video posted by a Proton sales associate, the user @viviproton shared a heartwarming story about one of her clients buying a new car for his Indonesia employee.

According to the user, the boss brought him along to the Proton Car Showroom without giving him any hint. It then came as a surprise for the employee and he went speechless after realising that his boss bought him the car.

The employee was so happy that the bowed over the car with gratitude. They then took a couple of pictures together with the car before going on to test the vehicle.

“The boss said that this worker is very hard working and that they decided to reward him,” the user said.


很有福气的一位员工 老板送大礼给他作为奖励🎁🎁 顾客说 这是他一位很好地员工 👍#viviproton #汽车销售顾问 #congratulations #proton #sales #advisor #johor #送员工的礼物

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According to China Press, the employee was facing difficulty in applying for a car loan because of his foreign status.

In appreciation of his hard work for over 10 years, the employer bought him the car as a reward. The car was fully paid for and the vehicle was under the employee’s name.

Such a generous boss!

In the comment section, many netizens praised the boss for recognising his employee’s good work.

“How much I wish to have a boss like him,” a netizen said.

“Where did you find such a great boss, I would like to find one like this,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, one netizen shared that he did not get anything from his boss despite having worked for him for the past 20 years.

What a generous boss the employee has! We are happy for the employee too!

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