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“Stop complaining about M’sia road” Iranian YouTuber praises road condition in M’sia, said it’s worse in Iran

Social News"Stop complaining about M'sia road" Iranian YouTuber praises road condition in M'sia,...

Malaysians have long complained about the pothole-filled roads on our streets, but the authorities seemed to be responding slowly to this matter. In some instances, potholes were only filled after it caused an accident.

However, an Iranian YouTuber has a different opinion on this and thinks that roads in Malaysia are actually pretty good.

In a video on YouTube titled “Why you shouldn’t be afraid of lowering your car”, YouTuber Amir Ali said Malaysians should be grateful for the roads in the country because they are great compared to the roads where he is from.

“You guys are being ungrateful,” he said.

“If the roads are bad, why are there so many super cars on the road, and they’re not the ones complaining,” he added.

According to Amir, he has been asked several times about how to drive a lowered car in Malaysia as the roads are often not in good condition. He shares that he has been driving his lowered car for six months now but he has not encountered any significant problems with the roads in the country.

Nonetheless, he admits that there were some issues but they were minor.

“I won’t say I’ve never scraped my car, but I’ve never broken the front part,” he explained.

Amir then compared the roads in the country to the roads where he came from.

“If you see the roads in Iran, you’ll be so grateful about where you’re living right now,” he said, adding that Malaysians should stop complaining and blaming others for their lack of driving skills. 

Try going Sabah and Sarawak

In the comment section, netizens generally agree with Amir that roads in the city and expressways are good but not those in rural areas, and especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

“I agree, most roads are good but some rural areas got more potholes than a golf field,” a netizen said.

“I dare you… come to Sabah and Sarawak. You will see the difference. Don’t play on the city terrain like a boss, play outside the city,” another netizen said.

Source: YouTube

Meanwhile, Amir did acknowledge that the roads in the Sabah and Sarawak are not up to the standards.

“I heard a lot about Sabah and Sarawak due to this video. I guess yeah maybe ignore the video if you’re in Sabah or Sarawak,” he said.

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