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Rafizi: PAS’ big win in GE15 not due to TikTok videos, but racist rhetoric and money politics

NewsRafizi: PAS' big win in GE15 not due to TikTok videos, but...

PAS’ big win in the 15th General Election was due to its racist rhetoric and lavish dinners, said PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli.

Speaking at a talk to Kedah and Penang PKR members yesterday (14 January), Rafizi attributed the win in GE15 to money politics and the oft-repeated rhetoric that ‘the non-Malays will take over the country’ and not TikTok videos.

He then claimed that PAS got their finances when they were in government and they used some of that money to host lavish dinners every other day.

“It is the money factor, not TikTok. In my hometown in Terengganu, I’ve heard stories of people asking for money everywhere they went. There was also kenduri (feast) everywhere. These are the factors that influenced PN’s win,” he said.

Rafizi said that he expects PAS to return to its ‘Milo tin’ donation again as money-driven political campaigns are not sustainable in the long run.

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70-80% swing of Malay voters due to racial extremism

Besides, he said that PAS and PN had fired up racial extremism to gain up to 70-80% support from Malays voters in Kedah.

“PN fired up racial extremism to cause a swing that huge. This worries me more. The Malay voting pattern used to be balanced. Last time, the margins were narrow. For the first time, it is this wide. We need to beat this dangerous trend,” he said.

“We don’t have a silver bullet or magic pill to win. Some of us have to admit it is because of our weaknesses,” he said, adding that the party had become less aggressive in Kedah in the past four to five years.

Meanwhile, Rafizi said that he is confident that the party would regain a standing foot in the upcoming state elections.

He cited an example, saying PKR was performing poorly in the Johor state polls, but they managed to win the Segamat, Sekijang and Ledang parliamentary seats there.

“In six months, we managed to swing those voters in Johor back to us,” he said.

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