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Anwar: Several cases of ‘extreme discrepancies’ found when examining MoF files

NewsAnwar: Several cases of 'extreme discrepancies' found when examining MoF files

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has once again sounded the alarm of possible corruption cases after examining the files at the Finance Ministry.

Speaking at a meeting with the Terengganu federal department heads on Thursday (12 January), he revealed that he found many cases of ‘extreme discrepancies’ in these files.

However, he said it was not his role to investigate these extreme discrepancies.

“My job is to implement policies and uphold the principles of transparency and responsibility,” he said.

Anwar then said that he want civil servants to understand that such discrepancies should no longer continue.

He stressed that it was not his intention to call out anyone but he only wished to work together in the interest of the people.

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Prime Minister for all states and all states will be treated equally

As an example, he said the flood mitigation projects are a pressing matter. Thus, it would be approved without the need for tender to smoothen the process as it involved public interest and safety.

“I am instituting this culture of moderation from the top as I don’t think it would be fair for me to call out district or state offices, yet such cultures remain in place at the federal level.”

“I sincerely hope that we can respect the choices made by the people in the 15th General Election and see an end to extreme and damaging political sentiments,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also said that being the Prime Minister for all states, will treat all states equally.

“Insya-Allah (God willing) I will be meeting with the Terengganu state government once the political temperature is better. I had also conveyed this to Tuanku Sultan Terengganu during my audience this morning.”

“I also urge all civil servants to embrace the principles of democratic accountability for the sake of the people. As makers and movers of policies, we should not be complacent and must do all we can to effect change,” he said.

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