Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Drama Queen Dog throws tantrum and gives Bomba a hard time rescuing her

NewsDrama Queen Dog throws tantrum and gives Bomba a hard time rescuing...

The Fire and Rescue Department took some time on January 11 to rescue a dog that had somehow managed to go onto a ledge of a high-rise structure.

The crew can be seen attempting to catch the dog over the ledge and to safety in a Facebook video.

It did, however, appear to be pouting severely and forcing itself up against the building’s corner.

In the video, a patient firefighter tries to feed the dog, but it repeatedly turns its head away and won’t look at him.

“It wasn’t easy to persuade it at all… The abang bomba had to keep encouraging it with sweet words,” the department wrote in the caption of the post.

Is a Dog having an tantrum normal?

Dogs occasionally throw tantrums. Tantrums typically occur when you are forcing a puppy to perform something it dislikes. Even seemingly harmless actions like keeping the dog quiet or touching its body might frighten it.

Play that gets out of hand might also result in tantrums. When left alone, some dogs experience anxiety and insecurity. The first few weeks in a new house are rife with this issue.

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