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“They are busy getting addicted to ketum, TikToking” UMNO leader says M’sian 18YOs immature for voting

News"They are busy getting addicted to ketum, TikToking" UMNO leader says M'sian...

The recent outcome of the 15th General Election (GE15) shows that the 18-year-olds lack maturity and the voting age for Malaysians should be raised to 23 instead, said a Kedah Wanita UMNO leader.

Speaking at UMNO’s party general assembly yesterday (12 January), a delegate from the Jerai UMNO division, Norma Awang, said the 18-year-olds did not have the maturity or understanding of the democratic system in the country or how their ballots affected the formation of the government and its policies.

“Thus, we urge the lawmakers and UMNO’s representatives in the government to raise the voting age once more,” she said.

She added that UMNO’s lacklustre during the GE15 was due to the coalition not being ‘hip’ enough to win the hearts of young voters who subscribe to the latest trends.

“Instead, they chose to uphold guttermouth political leaders who constantly talk badly about others,” she said.

Malaysian youths addicted to ketum, TikToking and puppy love

She then compared our teens to their counterparts in Western countries and claimed that the 18-year-olds there were already pursuing their Master’s and PhDs, while in Malaysia, most of them were busy ‘getting addicted to ketum leaves, Tik-Toking and experiencing puppy love’.

“In Malaysia, many 18-year-olds are even still relying on their parents to buy their underwear. They’ve only just finished their SPM examination,” she added.

As such, Norma called for the government to raise the voting age to 23, adding that voters should have at least finished their undergraduate studies.

The Undi18 initiative was implemented by the government in December 2021, and it has lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.

GE15 was the first time the implementation of Undi18 and automatic voter registration. This added 5.8 million new voters to the electoral roll, a 40% increase.

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