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M’sian regrets lying to his mother that Starbucks tumbler costs RM20, now she buys one at every visit

Social NewsM'sian regrets lying to his mother that Starbucks tumbler costs RM20, now...

Starbucks initially designed tumblers to reduce single-use cups, but people soon started collecting them because of their beautiful designs.

Recently, a netizen shared an interesting story about how his innocent lie turned his mother into a Starbucks tumbler collector and cost him thousands of ringgit.

In a Facebook post, Syukor Majid shared that he brought her to a Starbucks outlet and the beautifully-designed tumblers at the reception caught her eye. He then decided to buy her one.

When his mother asked how much it was, Majid made a white lie and told her that it was only RM20.

“I knew she would not want it if she found it the tumbler was actually RM200,” he said.

She’s now a Starbucks tumbler collector!

However, his mother soon became addicted to collecting Starbucks tumblers.

Whenever she visited a Starbucks outlet, she would ask him to buy a tumbler there, with the impression that the price was RM20.

“Who would have thought that because of my dishonesty, whenever I took her to Starbucks, she would bring one home,” Majid said.

He added that his mother is now a proud owner of five Starbucks bottles, including the latest CNY edition which retails at RM198.

Majid ended his post by saying, “Guess it’s time for me to tell her that the price isn’t RM20.”

Source: Carousell

In the comment section, netizens were amused by Majid’s interaction with his mother and was happy to see that his mother was happy with her collection.

Meanwhile, some netizens jokingly said that his mother may know the price of the Starbuck tumblers all along and only wanted him to buy the tumblers for her.

Would you make a white lie to your parents just to make them happy? Let us know in the comments!

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