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Image comparing Kelantan bus terminal in 1980 and 2023 goes viral online, netizens questioned the state’s progress

Social NewsImage comparing Kelantan bus terminal in 1980 and 2023 goes viral online,...

It has been six decades since we’ve gotten our independence, and most of us are expecting the country to move forward with the people having a better quality of life. We’ve even had the Wawasan 2020 (Vision2020) that aims to transform the country into a developed country.

An image that compares a bus terminal in Kota Bharu Sentral, Kelantan between 1980 and 2023 has been making rounds on social media, with many netizens pointing out the huge difference between what was initially promoted and what was built.

The image was shared by Facebook page 大马资讯台 and in the caption, they wrote, “This is what we call progression.”

The bus terminal in 1980 showed a beautiful building made of concrete with doors and windows, and it looked comfortable and safe for commuters to wait or rest.

On the other hand, the bus terminal in 2023 showed an entirely different bus terminal which was built open-air with zinc roofing.

Source: Facebook

To many surprises, this bus terminal was not built in accordance with what was promoted in the 80s.

Nonetheless, the bus terminal is still fully operational and many passengers are still relying on the terminal to get them to their respective destinations.

According to Berita Harian, the busy bus station has received several complaints from commuters, with many pointing out the lack of a proper waiting area, the lack of air-conditioners, as well as the absence of ATM machines when visitors had to withdraw cash.

To make things worse, the water supply is often being cut off, affecting the cleanliness of the washrooms.

Leader’s fault or due to natural disaster?

Meanwhile, there was a mixed reaction from netizens in the comment section, with some saying that this is the failure of the leaders in the state to develop the state, while others explaining the reasons why behind the design of the current bus terminal.

“The bus terminal in 1980 is not suitable for a state that experiences seasonal flood. That is why they designed it this way in 2023 with the consideration of the current flood situation. It is easier to clean up and there’s no need to repaint the walls after flood,” a netizen said.

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