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M’sian father camps in front of a hospital while waiting for his son’s brain tumour treatment, touches the hearts of netizens

Social NewsM'sian father camps in front of a hospital while waiting for his...

A parent’s love knows no boundaries. Recently, a Malaysian father’s act of devotion towards his son, who was suffering from a brain tumour, has touched the hearts of many.

In a post on the Facebook group Family Camping Malaysia, the father named Adi was seen setting up a camp outside a hospital in Ipoh so that he can stay near to his son for his brain tumour treatment.

Speaking to New Straits Times, Adi shared that his 8-year-old son was diagnosed with a tumour last Friday and was subsequently warded for an operation to have cell samples taken for testing.

Images of Adi’s makeshift tent from behind the boot of his Proton Satria had since gone viral on social media.

Adi said he did not want to leave his son alone despite his wife being already accompanying him in the pediatric ward while he undergoes further treatment. Thus, he parked his Proton Satria right outside the hospital and built an extended canopy behind his car to sleep in.

Source: Facebook

“My wife is in the ward with him. But I cannot bear to be too far apart. If anything develops, at least I’m already here.”

“I had discussed this with my wife. We also took into account our finances and how much it would cost if I were to travel daily from our home in Trolak to the hospital,” he was quoted as saying.

Thankfully, at the time of writing, his son is said to be in a stable condition.

Source: Facebook

Discomfort not an issue, it’s about staying close to his son

Meanwhile, Adi shared that he took a week of unpaid leave from his factory job in Bidor to be close to his son. He also had to leave his two other children to his relatives’ care.

The devoted father elaborated that his family are used to camping activities, so this experience does not make it less unusual for him.

“It’s not that comfortable sleeping in a car but it’s alright, as long as I can be nearby in case of anything,” he said.

Adi also said that some of his friends offered him accommodation but he turned them down because it takes about half an hour’s drive to travel from the hospital.

He said his son was initially experiencing swelling between his eyes and spine, and the doctor referred him for a CT scan. After the scan, the doctors told him that his son needs to be warded as they detected a tumour.

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