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Tourist from China flies his drone to check out Merdeka 118, only to have it crash into the building

Social NewsTourist from China flies his drone to check out Merdeka 118, only...

Over the past few weeks, the world’s second tallest building, Merdeka 118, has made the headlines after a Russian couple claimed to have made their way to the peak of the spire of the building.

Apparently, this viral news has attracted more people to pay a visit to the iconic building. This time around, a tourist from China decided to fly his drone up to the peak to take pictures of the tower, only to have it crash into the building and plunge more than 600 metres down.

In a 4-minute video uploaded to Bilibili, the man shared that he decided to explore the building after reading the viral news about the Russian couple — Ivan Beerkus and Angela Nikolau — made it to the top.

“I’m taking my drone today to have a look at how tall the building is,” he said.

Source: BiliBili

Upon reaching the site, the man asked a foreign worker if he can fly his drone near the building, to which the worker showed him the pathway. After finding a suitable spot to fly his drone, the man sets up his drone and takes it to the skies for an aerial shot of Merdeka 118.

Things seem to be going well and he managed to capture the magnificent view of Merdeka 118. However, he lost connection with the drone out of a sudden and it began flying towards the building. “It’s over, it’s going to crash,” the man said in a panic.

His drone then collided with the building and plunged more than 600 metres down.

The video ended with the tourists running around in search of his drone.

Flying a drone without permit is illegal in Malaysia

Meanwhile, the clip made its way to the subreddit r/Malaysia, where netizens expressed unhappiness about this incident. Many netizens also pointed out that flying a drone without permit is illegal in the country.

“One of these days something tragic is going to happen because of these idiot drone people. Then there will be a full ban unless you get a license for it,” a netizen said.

“He does violate the law currently we has, surveillance drone can only fly within visible distances except FPV drone. And flight height of 120m from earth surface,” another netizen said.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), one could face a minimum fine of RM50,000, three years in jail, or both if they were caught flying drones in selected public spaces without a permit.

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