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TikTok user gets shamed for calling Charles & Keith bag a luxury, explains that they are just lucky enough to be privileged

Social NewsTikTok user gets shamed for calling Charles & Keith bag a luxury,...

There’s no standard to luxury and one should not impose their own standards on others.

Recently, TikTok user @Zohtaco took it online to share about getting a beautiful Charles and Keith bag from her dad as a gift and claimed that it was the first luxury bag she ever had.

She even posted a video of her modelling the new black tote bag for her followers.

While most netizens shared the joy with her, a netizen dished out an unkind comment to hint her that Charles & Keith isn’t a luxury brand.

The comment went, “Who’s gonna tell her?”

Not everybody is privileged

That particular comment made the user upset, and in another TikTok video, she pointed out that the netizen who left the comment is lucky to come from a privileged family. On the other hand, her family moved to Singapore with nothing much.

She added that there were times when her family could not afford simple things such as bread.

The user said that the S$80 (≈RM264) bag was considered a luxury to her as her father had to work really hard to get her the gift.

“I’m so grateful that my dad was able to get me one. He worked so hard for that money. I can’t believe I got hate over a bag that I was so excited to have,” she said.


Replying to @cressy i am so happy and grateful for you, that you can consider charles and keith not a luxury. also btw if you google it, lots of sources do classify them as a luxury brand. so.

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Price tag does not matter, it’s the sentimental value

Meanwhile, netizens flooded the comment section with support and words of encouragement and tagged Charles & Keith’s official TikTok account to send her some gifts.

Some netizens also advised her to ignore these haters, and that price tag does not matter when it comes to gifts, and instead it’s the sentimental value that counts.

Nevertheless, a couple of netizens also share that Charles & Keith bags were also their first luxury item purchase before they could move on to buy bags from brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton.

At the end of her video, the user said just because someone isn’t well off, it doesn’t mean they can’t have or don’t deserve nice things. It just might take a longer time to save up to get the item they want or gradually pay it in full.

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