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M’sians share how football fans steal their designated seat during AFF Cup semifinal, some even brought laser beams

Social NewsM'sians share how football fans steal their designated seat during AFF Cup...

Over the weekends, Harimau Malaya scored a 1-0 win over Thailand in the AFF Cup semi-final at National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. However, off the pitch, an even bigger mess was made, one that could have huge significance.

Despite the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) announcing that only 59,000 tickets would be available for sale, FAM later shared that a total of 62,989 fans had attended to witness the match.

“Thank you to the 62,989 supporters who attended the first semi-final match of the Mitsubishi Electric AFF Cup 2022, Malaysia vs. Thailand at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, on Saturday night (7 January),” FAM wrote in a Facebook post.

This then makes many netizens wonder where did the extra 3,989 tickets came from.

Meanwhile, many netizens complained about the overcrowding at the stadium, with many other people sitting in their assigned seats despite the seat was not designated for them.

“There’s only one thing that I want to point out. I brought my children there to expose them to the football game and to support our country. Other people also brought their children along, but many of them were sitting in others’ seats instead of their own.

“It’s a pity that many were forced to sit on the stairs. This then makes it dangerous for the people moving up and down. To those who are reading my comment, the people who took others’ seats, please go back to school and learn some manners and the consequences of stealing the rights of others. I am not okay that others were sitting in the seats belonging to me and my child that night,” one netizen said.

“Where did all these people come from? If anything were to happen, who will be responsible?” another netizen asked.

One netizen also pointed out the security issues of the stadium and asked how those without a ticket could enter to watch the match.

The staircase is meant for evacuation in case of emergencies and they must be clear at all times.

Laser beams were pointed at the players and the field

Meanwhile, several netizens also noted that some fans were pointing laser beams at the players in the match.

“I was there, and I saw some fans were playing with laser beams that night,” a netizen said.

“How did laser beams get smuggled into the stadium? It’s embarrassing if other countries knew about this. Hopefully, FAM would take action against those who brought laser beams,” another netizen said.

Hopefully, the organisers will improve the security measures and prevent a similar incident from happening again during the semi-finals and finals.

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