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Guy felt empathy on his Sashimi Order was so fresh that it was still twitching when served

Social NewsGuy felt empathy on his Sashimi Order was so fresh that it...

Because raw seafood contains a lot of parasites, foods like sashimi and sannakji (raw baby octopus) need to be thoroughly treated before consumption.

Fresh seafood is defined as being bright, transparent, and jewel-like rather than slimy and covered in a thin film of white liquid. How fresh is too fresh, though?

The sushi that Singaporean actress Xenia Tan and her fiancé Shawn Thia recently received while on vacation in Japan was so fresh that it was still twitching on the platter, which put them in a pickle.

“Eh I cannot eat leh“, Shawn said in a TikTok video shared on Xenia’s account that had gained over half a million views since being posted 2 days ago. He was unable to even look the fish in the eye as it struggled for air.

When the fish finally wiggled, Shawn eventually picked up his chopsticks and prepared to eat, but he immediately withdrew.

They ultimately made the decision to consume their dinner without wasting it, but not before ordering the restaurant staff to remove the fish’s twitching head and tail.

Watch the full video below:


can someone tell us if it was still alive? #sgtravel

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