Monday, January 30, 2023

Idris Ahmad shares his ‘report card’ for December 2022, gets criticised by M’sians instead

Social NewsIdris Ahmad shares his 'report card' for December 2022, gets criticised by...

Report cards are important for the public to find out if an elected representative is living up to their expectation.

In an effort to prove himself worthy, PAS MP Datuk Seri Idris Ahmad has recently published his monthly report card on Harakahdaily’s Facebook page.

The report card outlined some of the things Idris has done throughout December 2022, where it includes the following:

  • Meeting up with government agencies (3)
  • Visiting and assisting the elderly/OKU/orphans (82)
  • Visiting families who have suffered a death (15)
  • Visiting and assisting victims of natural disasters (6)
  • Attended wedding ceremonies (34)
  • Attended appreciation/aqiqahs/tahlils (17)
  • Other programmes (5)

Even I could become a YB!

Meanwhile, it seems that netizens were not impressed by his report card, with many pointing out that it looked more like a visitor log book instead.

“This is not a report card, this is a visitor log book,” a netizen said.

“If he was my salesman, I would already have fired him,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens said that Idris could have spent his time on resolving bigger issues.

“If like this, even I can do it. Is there really nothing that could help develop the area, attracts foreign investments or any projects that could contribute to the futures of the youth,” one netizen said.

“What is this about? If attending ceremonies can be included in the report card, I could have been elected as a YB too,” a netizen said.

What do you think about Idris’ report card for December 2022? Share your thoughts!

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