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Anwar: I’ll fight corruption among the elites even if it risks my job

NewsAnwar: I'll fight corruption among the elites even if it risks my...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has declared war on the elite minority who use their wealth and power to enrich themselves and their clans at the expense of the Malaysian masses.

Speaking to the Malaysian diaspora in Jakarta, Indonesia last night (8 January), Anwar said he will not compromise with this particular group and is willing to risk his position as prime minister to get things in order.

“Malaysia must be free from the greed of the elite minority who have abused their power to increase their wealth and those of their clans. I will not compromise on this, even though it will risk my position.”

“We are all disgusted with those who speak about democracy, Malay supremacy, or being pillars of Islam, but betray the responsibilities entrusted to them and use their power to seize wealth that does not belong to them,” he was quoted as saying by The Vibes.

Anwar added that he will not conduct selective investigation or prosecution but believed that the enforcement officers from the Inland Revenue Board, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, and the police’s commercial crimes unit will put an end to this culture.

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Elevating the poor no matter race and religion

Meanwhile, Anwar said he would focus on elevating the poor no matter their race and religion but at the same time will not forget to protect and defend the special rights and privileges of the Malays and Bumiputera.

Anwar elaborated that this main concern is economic development and wealth distribution.

However, he said that it is impossible to focus on that as long as corruption continues to haunt the corridors of power and the powerful abuse their position to create leakages in government expenditure.

He added that through his observation, corruption has become a culture within society that must be addressed.

During the question-and-answer session, Anwar said the Cabinet ministers are expected to present their progress reports and future plans at a retreat next week.

“So, in a week we will have a special ministers’ retreat to determine and listen to their input after a month of their work.”

“After that, we will make an announcement about the KPI (key performance indicator) and the hopes of each minister and ministry,” he said.

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