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Primary school in Johor under fire for hosting graduation ceremony at hotel

Social NewsPrimary school in Johor under fire for hosting graduation ceremony at hotel

A Chinese primary school in Johor Bahru has recently come under the limelight after it decides to host a graduation ceremony at a hotel.

According to a Facebook post, it is said that the school involved issued a statement informing parents that the graduation would be held at a hotel and called for the parents to allow their children to join.

In the statement, it also said that graduands would need to pay RM80 to attend the ceremony and another RM80 for the rental of graduation gown. In addition, parents who wished to join are required to pay RM80 per pax.

This would mean that a family would spend a minimum of RM240 to attend the child’s graduation ceremony.

Source: Kiddy123

According to the user who wrote the Facebook post, this sum is considered a huge commitment for his family.

“Our family is not rich and it is difficult for us to pay the additional RM80. However, being parents, we want to see our children graduate happily, so my wife and I decided to celebrate this graduation ceremony.”

“To give my child a memorable graduation experience, I reluctantly paid the money,” he said.

Meanwhile, the user also expressed frustration for those who were forced to sit out of the graduation ceremony for being unable to afford the fees.

“The more I think about this, the angrier I am. Just because the parents are poor, does it mean they can’t watch their children graduate?” he lamented.

Source: Facebook

School responded, said it has not received complaints from parents

Responding to the matter, the chairman of the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), Goh, said the school would sponsor families who were unable to pay.

Speaking to e-Nanyang, Goh claimed that, in fact, the school is not generating any income for hosting the graduation ceremony outside the school. It was done to allow students to have good memories when leaving the school.

Goh also said that the school had only resumed its graduation ceremony this year after cancelling it for three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He added that the school had been hosting graduation ceremonies in other places but not the school itself since 2014, and they never received any complaints from the parents.

“We also provided transportations for the students who couldn’t travel to the event location,” Goh added.

Do you think that graduation ceremonies should be held in the school compound instead? Share your thoughts!

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