Monday, January 30, 2023

JPJ adds Kiosks to reduce queues, and soon Online Services can be expected

Social NewsJPJ adds Kiosks to reduce queues, and soon Online Services can be...

Anthony Loke is renowned for his unexpected trips and is perhaps one of Malaysians’ all-time favourite ministers. The transport minister visited JPJ in Negeri Sembilan only yesterday (January 5) to go over the activities there.

You will be happy to learn that you may no longer need to wait for hours in line to renew your driver’s licence and road tax. Anthony announced in a Facebook post last night that JPJ locations around the nation had installed a number of kiosks to allow visitors to renew their passports. To lessen “human traffic” at the counter, kiosks have been erected at the centres.

Still too busy to renew your documents at the nearby JPJ centre? Do not worry, Anthony has just stated that the kiosk’s operating hours would be extended outside of working hours! Therefore, feel free to stop by anytime your documents need to be renewed.

Getting online

Anthony often makes unexpected announcements about future developments, much like he does during his trips. He said that JPJ’s digitalization will soon expand to include internet services, not merely the placement of kiosks.

The construction of the kiosks and the soon-to-be accessible online services will not only shorten the line at the counter but also greatly cut wait times for us since the necessary procedure can be completed with just a few taps on your device’s screen.

Not only have many Malaysians been shocked by his declaration, but many of them have also applauded him for his efforts and the improvements he is sure to bring about.

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