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“We sincerely apologise to you, bro” Loan shark targets wrong house and apologises politely to victim

News"We sincerely apologise to you, bro" Loan shark targets wrong house and...

Loan sharks are unregulated licensed money lenders who offer loans at extremely high-interest rates, and upon failure of the collection, they would resort to violence to collect debts. Due to it being unregulated, people often approach them with false information, which later results in loan sharks going after the wrong people for collection.

Recently, a victim was left in shock after a group of loan sharks mistakenly approached him for debt collection. However, they later apologised for targeting the wrong house.

According to Sin Chew, the loan sharks told the victim they were looking for a debtor named Ho. However, they visited the wrong house and did not manage to collect the debt. They then put up papers at the victim’s front door as a ‘reminder’ for the family to pay their debts.

The group comprised six men on three motorcycles, and they visited the victim’s house to show the image and details of the debtor, which the family said they did not recognise the person they were looking for.

Despite that, the loan sharks continued harassing the family until they became unbearable with it and approached the Public Complaints & Service Team of the Selangor Youth League for assistance regarding this issue.

Source: China Press

Surprisingly, the loan shark apologised politely

In a press conference on Tuesday (3 January), the director of the organisation, Li Wen Bing revealed that the loan shark has since apologised to the victim via WhatsApp.

According to the WhatsApp conversation, the loan shark could be seen politely apologising to the victim.

In response, the victim ‘wished’ them all the best in finding the debtor and asked them to stop harassing his family again.

“Sorry bro. I sincerely apologise for making you anxious”, the loan shark politely responded.

Source: Sin Chew

Meanwhile, the loan shark also confirmed that it was a misunderstanding on their end and the matter has since been resolved.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported and we hope the loan shark would manage to collect its debt from the right person.

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