Monday, January 30, 2023

“The contractors will be lectured!” DBKL slams contractor for closing Jalan Travers for pavement work during peak hours

Social News"The contractors will be lectured!" DBKL slams contractor for closing Jalan Travers...

Traffic in the city centre is terrible during the working hours and road closures would only make it worse.

Yesterday (5 January), commuters in the city centre were bursting with anger after they found out that part of the road in Jalan Travers, Bangsar, was closed for pavement work.

As if the traffic wasn’t bad enough, road closure during peak hours would make it worse for commuters while elevating the possibility of being late for work.

In a viral video, it showed the right lane on Jalan Travers being closed, with drivers forced to shift slowly into the middle lane.

“Why are you guys paving the road at this hour?” the irritated driver being the video said.

We are angry too!

Meanwhile, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) responded to the incident and said they are not happy with it.

In a Facebook post, DBKL acknowledged that the contractors were hired by them. However, it said that peak hours were not the right time to pave roads. DBKL then assured the people that the contractors will not be spared from the ‘lecture’ that they are bound to receive.

“The contractors should have taken into consideration the timing and consequences of paving the road during peak hours.”

“We know you want to finish the job as soon as possible, but not without thinking about the road users,” it wrote.

Meanwhile, DBKL also said that they had given the working schedule to the contractors but they choose not to follow it.

“The contractors should be ready to be called by DBKL officers. The involved contractors will be lectured soon,” DBKL said.

Lastly, DBKL apologised for the inconvenience caused to the road users who were stuck in heavy traffic at Jalan Travers.

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