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Man thinks he found beef tripe in a pot of soup, however it was actually a used dishcloth

Social NewsMan thinks he found beef tripe in a pot of soup, however...

The man with the last name Ning, who was working overtime, ordered two hotpots for himself and five other coworkers, according to Chinese media Hong Xing Xin Wen via Baidu.

When his order arrived, Ning noted that the colours of the soups were different, with one being darker and the other brighter.

He didn’t give it much thought, though, and continued to eat.

Dishcloth mistaken for beef tripe

In the middle of his dinner, Ning picked up what seemed to be a piece of beef tripe, a regular component of hotpot.

It was extremely enormous, so he advised breaking it up into smaller pieces. He realised with horror that the beef tripe was actually a discarded dishcloth! Two of Ning’s female employees started to throw up as soon as they saw the horrible find.

Restaurant apologises, dismisses workers

Ning phoned the restaurant right away and sought an explanation for the potential health risk.

The restaurant initially offered him a compensation three times of the bill amount but he refused, saying that “my only demand is that the government intervene and investigate.”

SCMP later reported that the restaurant’s manager claimed that the blunder was committed by a junior staff, a 19-year-old who had just started working there and was having a fever while making the dish.

Since then, the staff has been terminated, and the restaurant has been shuttered for additional inspection.

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