Wednesday, February 8, 2023

“I’ve given 5-stars and yet he did this” Food delivery rider harasses woman for allegedly giving a bad review

Social News"I've given 5-stars and yet he did this" Food delivery rider harasses...

Getting a five-star review is extremely important for food delivery riders, as getting a bad rating would increase the risk of getting suspended from the service.

Recently, a Twitter user shared how she was harassed by a food delivery rider because the rider assumed that she gave him a bad rating for his service, causing his overall rating to drop.

In a tweet, the user explained that she gave the rider a five-star review after receiving her meal. Soon, she started receiving a barrage of insults and rude words on her WhatsApp from an unidentified number.

She then realises that it was the rider who was sending her the messages and blaming her for the drop in his overall rating.

“I ordered food from Shopeefood. I gave the delivery guy and the food 5 stars. Sound like an unproblematic story right? Nope. This is what happened.”

“How are some employees so entitled? 1 star or 5 stars, they shouldn’t harass and abuse the customers,” the user wrote.

Personal attack on the user

According to the conversation, the rider claimed that he had travelled long distances to her place to send her food, only to receive a negative review.

“Stupid. It’s enough to be dumb, but you are dumb and not pretty,” the rider wrote in his message.

Despite the user explaining that she gave him 5 stars, the rider continued to insult her, going so far as to call her out on her size. In addition, the rider harassed the user by spam-calling her.

Source: Twitter

“I was so scared to pick up the calls after seeing the messages. How entitled can someone be? He asked for 5 stars after the delivery, I gave him. I’m guessing someone else gave him bad review? And that itself is a red flag. He doesn’t behave himself with customers?” the user said.

The user said she had heard stories about delivery guys misbehaving after they got their customer’s numbers. However, she did not think it was that frightening.

“No one deserves to be harassed or abused like that. We customers are not punching bags. No I don’t owe u to look pretty. Nor do I deserve to be abused like that even if I had given him a bad review. Do you even know how review works? Why do you have goons working for you Shopee?” she said.

Have you experienced something similar? Share your story if you have!

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