Monday, January 30, 2023

“Other companies pay interns for cheap labour, we don’t because we train you” M’sians slam company for demanding free labour

Social News"Other companies pay interns for cheap labour, we don't because we train...

Internship programmes are intended to give students a practical experience on the job that they will be working on in the future.

While most employers in Malaysia would offer a salary to interns, a local company decides to have it their own way by justifying why interns should not be paid a salary.

In a confession online, the anonymous student shared a screenshot of the reply from a representative of the company, and they said,

“We don’t pay salary for internship. Internship is for you to learn. By right, intern students should pay the company for teaching them the job.”

“Some companies pay interns because they wanted ‘cheap labour’ and not for giving the skills to the intern.”

“So, you want the knowledge or money?” the representative said, adding that they specialised in imparting knowledge to their interns.

They are even worse than cheap labour

The Facebook post has since gone viral with many netizens sharing their similar experience, while others criticised the company for wanting free labour.

“My first job was the same. When I was 19 and had zero job experience, I went to interview as a beautician. The lady boss told me she would not give me a salary for the first month because it is a ‘training period’. She also said she is very humble already because I should be the one paying them for training me,” a netizen said.

“Other companies want cheap labour and your company wants free labour,” another netizen said.

One netizen even pointed out that the fact that skill could not fill their stomach but money could put meals on the table. “I prefer money rather than skill,” the netizen said.

Another netizen suggested that unpaid internships should be banned as interns need money to survive too.

“It is as if my time is less valuable than your time. I also need to eat, travel to work, to pay my rent. Clearly, the company doesn’t respect you as a person but as a slave,” the netizen said.

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