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“Congratulations MYAirline, stewardess’ uniforms are modest” Tuan Ibrahim reprimanded by netizens for missing the point

Social News"Congratulations MYAirline, stewardess' uniforms are modest" Tuan Ibrahim reprimanded by netizens for...

In December 2022, Malaysia’s latest low-cost carrier MYAirline started its maiden operations by selling its air tickets to the public.

While Malaysians are delighted to see the launch of new airlines in the country, former environment and water minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, too, has congratulated the management for its opening.

However, what irks netizens was the remark he made on the MYAirline air stewardesses’ uniforms.

“First time flying @FlyMYAirline. Congratulations, uniforms on the stewardess are more modest and this is a good start. Hope they will continue to succeed,” Tuan Ibrahim said on Twitter.

His remarks has since garnered a huge backlash from netizens, with many questioning the PAS leader’s priority when using an airline.

“I will be worrying more about the punctuality, service, convenience and most importantly the price, before the air stewardess’s clothing… It is like sitting in a taxi but the driver is not wearing his uniform, but as long as it is safe… perhaps my nafsu (desire) is not normal,” a netizen commented.

“Are you boarding a plane to reach your destination or to check on the air stewardess’s clothing? Your mind is not right,” another netizen said.

“Out of all the things, clothes are the main thing you look at?” one netizen asked.

Source: Facebook

Not the first time PAS made such remarks

Nonetheless, this is not the first time the Islamist party made such remarks. In the past, it had repeatedly complained that uniforms worn by air stewardesses of local airlines were too revealing compared to other airlines.

However, numerous lawmakers and non-governmental organisations often rebuke such comments by PAS and urged them to focus on more pressing affairs such as the rising cost of living, among other things.

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