Monday, January 30, 2023

Man utterly shocked by RM86 bill at Pavilion KL for Nasi Kandar with Sotong & Fried Chicken

Social NewsMan utterly shocked by RM86 bill at Pavilion KL for Nasi Kandar...

When a Johorean was charged RM86 for a nasi kandar at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, he was shocked by the high expense of life in the city.

Cheng CB, a Facebook user, said that he spent RM86 for one sambal squid, one fried chicken, and two bowls of rice.

He only took one squid for his nasi kandar, but the food court charged him for two, according to a cursory glance at the bill.

He was perplexed by the amount on the bill and inquired as to why he was being charged for two fresh squids. The vendor said that it was because the squid he grabbed was so large.

However, the consumer argued that all of the fresh squids on offer are nearly the same size.

He posted three images of the nasi kandar and the receipts, requesting feedback from other internet users on whether the cost was reasonable.

“This costs me RM86 at Pavilion KL. Is the price standard like this here in KL? I have no idea, I’m from Johor, this was first time having nasi kandar here.” the customer wrote.

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