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“Bikinis polluted Pulau Besar!” Melaka Religious Department warns visitors against wearing indecently on island

News"Bikinis polluted Pulau Besar!" Melaka Religious Department warns visitors against wearing indecently...

The Melaka Islamic Affairs Department (JAIM) is unhappy about tourists going around in Pulau Besar, Melaka, in bikinis and claims that it has sullied the image of the island.

According to Harian Metro, JAIM director Datuk Che Sukri Che Mat said the department will hold a discussion with relevant parties to ensure the beauty of the island is not tainted by individuals wearing racy clothes.

“The meeting will discuss the best course of action to be taken against foreign tourists who damage the image and sanctity of Pulau Besar, which has been respected with the historical values of the beginning of Islamic civilization,” he said.

This came after a three-minute video of beachgoers in bikinis went viral on social media.

Source: Facebook

Current laws could not take action against non-Muslims

Che Sukri said that the department could not take action against them because the offender is not a Muslim.

Section 71 of the Melaka State Syariah Offenses Enactment 1991 only applies to Muslims, but not the non-Muslims.

The JAIM chief said that as an initial course of action, they will request the cooperation of boat and accommodation operators, as well as Loyal Peers of JAIM to reprimand any individual who is dressed inappropriately.

In addition, they are also planning to put up signboards to remind tourists to dress appropriately and not to partake in activities that are considered sensitive to Muslims.

“Wearing such attire (bikinis) is only suitable for the bedroom, not to be shown off to the community in Pulau Besar. They shouldn’t take this lightly,” he said.

“This is the first and last warning. Do not repeat such an act, we will not compromise,” he said.

Apart from the beach resorts and minor outlying islands, Pulau Besar is associated with various mysterious events and legends when it became the burial place of great figures from the Malacca Malay Sultanate.

Watch the video here:

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