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Wild boar cub praised for clearing highway obstruction

Social NewsWild boar cub praised for clearing highway obstruction

A baby wild boar moved a cylindrical obstacle to the side of the road and away from the cars.

Although they have a cute appearance, wild boars are generally avoided by humans because they can become aggressive when confronted.

A brave wild boar, on the other hand, has received praise online for being incredibly helpful on the road.

@khairulikhwan856 seekor babi mengalihkan barang di atas jalan raya#terimakasih ♬ bunyi asal – khairulikhwan856

A young wild boar appeared to be moving a cylindrical obstruction on the road away from the cars in a viral video on a Malaysian highway.

Even though the wild boar could have just been having fun, its actions unintentionally cleared the way for other drivers.

The wild boar was commended by netizens for its assistance and for safeguarding the safety of the roadways. The wild boar’s intellect was also lauded.

Wild boars’ level of intelligence

Since it has been established that these animals are capable of “thinking” and “caring” about others, the “intelligent” behaviour of the wild boar should not be seen as a surprise.

According to a report that appeared in Nature, wild boars exhibit a high level of intellect and empathy.

A wild boar was seen in the observation releasing two piglets from a cage. According to the paper’s researchers, only a few other animal species display this “extreme” level of prosocial behaviour.

The rescue behaviour displayed is also seen as a sophisticated sort of empathy.

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