Monday, January 30, 2023

Anwar emphasizes good governance in New Year speech, said he is aware that some civil servants are still soliciting bribes

NewsAnwar emphasizes good governance in New Year speech, said he is aware...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has reiterated that the government will take stern action against public servants and enforcement bodies who were found to be stubbornly soliciting and accepting bribes.

Speaking in his New Year 2023 message that was broadcast live over local television stations, Anwar said he is aware of the small group who are still involved in this ‘old practice’.

“I will not tolerate this negligence that has destroyed the country all this time. I am asking for your cooperation because I know a large number of civil servants and this small (corrupt) group understand this, and this group must be eliminated.”

“Hopefully there will be repentance, otherwise, strong and harsh action must be taken,” he said.

Anwar then said that the actions of this small number of public servants will tarnish the unity government’s image.

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Thus, he will not allow any negligent action from civil servants and cabinet members that would lead to the destruction of the nation.

“This is a great slander against civil servants who have changed and understood. I hope there will be repentance and change or stern action will be taken.”

“This is because we cannot allow the ‘termites’ which threaten and undermine the foundation of our nation’s governance,” he said.

Good governance drives economic growth

Meanwhile, Anwar said the government will strengthen its efforts to boost foreign investor confidence by guaranteeing good governance and a corrupt-free Malaysia.  

He revealed that the government has received a list of investors from countries such as Europe, the United States, China, India and several countries around Asia who will be monitoring developments in Malaysia themselves, especially from the economic aspects.

“We hope there is a new focus that can increase and drive economic growth more convincingly. This is necessary because Malaysia is a trading country that has all this while recorded an economic growth rate based on our efforts to secure domestic and foreign investment.”

“Besides political stability and good governance, another step that should be taken is to speed up the approval process by ensuring that Malaysia is not a place where leaders amass wealth and look for commissions,” Anwar said.

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