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“100 years of Stan Lee” Marvel announces documentary in tribute to Stan Lee

Social News"100 years of Stan Lee" Marvel announces documentary in tribute to Stan...

If you’ve watched Marvel movies, you would have noticed that Marvel legend Stan Lee would make several cameo appearances in them. However, his last appearance was at the Avengers: Endgame movie, which he shot the scene before his death in 2018.

While Marvel fans are missing his legendary cameos, Marvel Entertainment announced that they will be releasing a documentary about the late Stan Lee.

“100 years of dreaming. 100 years of creating. 100 years of Stan Lee. Stan Lee, an Original documentary, is streaming 2023 on @DisneyPlus,” Marvel Entertainment wrote in Twitter post.

The documentary, titled Stan Lee, will be available for streaming on Disney+ in 2023 but the date of release has yet to be determined.

Source: Esquire

Stan Lee’s legacy

Lee began working at Timely Comics, Marvel’s predecessor, in 1939. Over the decades, he went from interim editor to editor and in the 60s, Lee became the writer and editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics before being named publisher in 1972.

Eventually, Lee became the face of the company and an inspiration to comic-book lovers worldwide.

Lee was not only known for his legendary cameo appearances in Marvel blockbusters but his contribution to the comic and movie industry.

The iconic superheroes that came alive under his imagination included Spiderman, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Doctor Strange, and others.

Lee pass away in 2018 at the age of 95 due to heart failure.

Rest in peace, Stan Lee! The many worlds of imagination that you created for humanity will last forever.

Watch the teaser for Stan Lee here:

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