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M’sian requests more Milo powder in a GrabFood note, but Restaurateur adds it to her chicken rice instead

Social NewsM'sian requests more Milo powder in a GrabFood note, but Restaurateur adds...

Customers can always add unique instructions to their meal delivery orders in the appropriate column, such as “no chilli” or “extra spring onion.”

One Johor Bahru customer, who adores Milo, asked for additional Milo powder in her GrabFood order since she was depressed and alone on Christmas Eve.

A Facebook page for KBH Chicken Rice in Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, published images of the bill and the dish, and the page has now received over 5,000 likes.

“My family did not contact me on Christmas Day, which makes me quite upset. Could you kindly add extra Milo powder for me? I’m a big fan of enormous amounts of Milo powder. Add powder till the world is destroyed, until you begin to doubt yourself, until both of us begin to wonder our sanity, but please don’t add so much that your boss fires you, thank you.”

The restaurant captioned: “This customer’s request… we’ve done our best to fulfil it.”

The restaurant was happy to comply, but the outcome was very different than what she had anticipated because the letter was placed on the chicken rice dish rather than the Milo dinosaur.

Restaurant took the request

A cup of Milo Dinosaur and a package of chicken rice were both seen in the image.

The conclusion had netizens in stitches because, while technically, the buyer got what they wanted, the powder ended up on their chicken rice.

On the chicken rice box, a “merry Christmas” greeting and a sweet drawing of Santa Claus were also placed.

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