Wednesday, February 8, 2023

“Count me in!” Chinese restaurant in KL offers RM3,000 for dishwashers

Social News"Count me in!" Chinese restaurant in KL offers RM3,000 for dishwashers

While many are struggling with the low wages, a soon-to-be-opening Chinese restaurant in Pavilion KL announced that it would be offering something much more than what the market does.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the Chinese restaurant will be opening its first store in Pavilion KL, and it has since put up signboards and banners to look for people interested in being part of its crew.

Nonetheless, what attracted the attention of the people was the content of the banner, which states that they are looking for:

  • Restaurant Manager: RM8,500
  • Head Chef: RM7,000
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager: RM4,500
  • Management Trainee:RM3,700
  • Service Crew: RM3,000
  • Dishwasher: RM3,000
  • Part Timer: RM11-12

This offer has surprised many netizens as the restaurant is voluntarily paying more than what the other restaurant does.

Not only that a dishwasher is being offered a salary of RM3,000, which matches the fresh graduate’s salary, but they are also offering an hourly wage of RM12 for part-time workers when the average is only RM7 to RM8!

Count me in!

In the comment section, many netizens pointed out that the pay for a dishwasher is higher than theirs, even though they studied hard for a college degree.

“Study so much for what.. even a dishwasher gets higher pay than most fresh graduates,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, other netizens said that the job would most likely be a tough one and requires them to make some sacrifices.

“You try to wash and see. Only then will you know how high the volume of items needed to wash. RM3,000 includes your hand cream medicine,” a netizen said.

“Expect to sacrifice family day. Confirm no more weekends for you, as well as no CNY and Raya holidays. They’ll probably give 1 rest day a week or probably no rest day but with a replacement. Also, you might have to work more than 10 hours a day,” another netizen said.

What do you think about this offer? Do you think that the job might not be as great as marketed? Share your thoughts!

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