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Beach in Kelantan left devastated after flood that hit several parts in the state

NewsBeach in Kelantan left devastated after flood that hit several parts in...

The recent flood that hit Kelantan has not only destroyed homes in the state but damaged the beautiful beach of Pantai Tok Bali, which was famous among both local and foreign tourists.

Tok Bali beach, located in the district of Pasir Puteh, is one of the main attractions of Kelantan.

However, the current situation of the beach does not look appealing, with waste such as empty plastic bottles, rotten wood, and dry leaves scattered in heaps along the sandy beach lined with casuarina and coconut trees.

Speaking to Bernama, a visitor who brought her children there during the school holidays, Siti Masyitah said she was shocked to see the condition of the beach.

“It was beautiful when I came here three years ago, and I was hoping it would have been maintained in its pristine condition, but I was shocked at what I saw today. There is rubbish in heaps here and there. It is very saddening,” she said.

Source: Bernama

The flood destroyed the environment and habitat of marine life

Another visitor, Mohd Zulfadhli Rosley thinks that an unkempt beach would jeopardise not only tourism in Tok Bali but also the habitat of marine life.

“I am a nature lover. I love beaches and the sea. How can we maintain the cleanliness of this beach if we do not take care of it?”

“I hope the authorities will give serious attention to this matter and not neglect the responsibility to keep the Tok Bali beach clean,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, a local resident, Zakaria Harun said that he and his family had to evacuate to a relief centre after the water level rise to their thighs on 18 December.

“The heaps of waste at the beach could have been left behind by the floods. I had to clear the waste that had collected around my house,” the flood victim said.

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