Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pre-Order for the Mission GreenPossible Enhanced Touch n Go NFC Card is now available for RM25

Social NewsPre-Order for the Mission GreenPossible Enhanced Touch n Go NFC Card is...

Touch n Go is releasing yet another unique version of the NFC-enabled Enhanced TNG card despite the supply scarcity. This time, the card is being made available to assist Mission GreenPossible, one of the business’ most recent CSR initiatives.

To assist the foundation in planting more trees around the nation, Yayasan Hijau Malaysia and the Mission GreenPossible initiative were formed in late October. In principle, the initiative attempts to speed up the government’s ambition to plant 100 million trees as part of the Greening Malaysia Agenda by the year 2025.

According to TNG’s official website, the foundation has already planted 48 million trees around Malaysia as of November 21st, 2022. Currently, once the TNG’s virtual tree height hits 100%, a batch of trees will be planted in the real world as part of Mission GreenPossible.

The Mission GreenPossible contribution drive inside the TNG eWallet app is presently sustaining the tree’s growth rate. The virtual tree is 41% tall as of the time this article is written.

A RM1 donation from each card purchase will be made to Mission GreenPossible, as stated in the listing for the card on the TNG eWallet official shop on Lazada. Since the cards cost RM25 apiece, just 4% of the money from sales would go toward the national tree planting effort, which, to be honest, seems miniscule in the larger scheme of things.

Therefore, unless you truly need or desire the Enhanced TNG card, you might just wish to give directly to the programme using the TNG eWallet app. This is due to the fact that Yayasan Hijau Malaysia receives 100% of all donations made through the app for Mission GreenPossible, and you may seek tax exemption receipts directly from the foundation by doing so.

After the first publication of the Enhanced TNG card in April, the Mission GreenPossible is the fourth authorised variation of the card. The United Voice edition came next in September, while the HONOR 70 5G Icelandic Frost version came the month after.

Not to be overlooked was the TNG Charm Christmas Edition, which debuted earlier this month. The second half of 2022 appeared to be very busy for TNG, what with the formal launch of TNG RFID Fuelling with Shell back in August and the steady, covert distribution of its new Visa Card.

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