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Face masks mandatory for food handlers in Selangor starting 1 Jan 2023

NewsFace masks mandatory for food handlers in Selangor starting 1 Jan 2023

Starting 1 January 2023, it would be mandatory for workers at Food and Beverage (F&B) outlets in Selangor to wear face mask.

In a Facebook post, Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) explained that the ruling would apply to all food handlers and cooks, regardless of whether they work in restaurants or hawker centres.

“Compound fines will be imposed on those who disregard this directive, which is also a requirement for obtaining a business licence,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, the Kajang municipal council (MPKj) also announced the same ruling earlier this month.

According to Selangorkini, MPKj council president Najmuddin Jemain said the mandatory face mask ruling for food handlers and cooks in Selangor was decided on Sept 7 during the state government’s council meeting.

“This is among the initiatives to ensure that workers who handle food and drinks are accustomed to wearing masks as a means to ensure cleanliness in eateries,” he said.

A good move? or nay?

However, it seems that netizens had a divided opinion on this matter, with some supporting the ruling, while others questioned its necessity and pointed out that the country entered the transition to endemicity phase.

“I agree. This is because when cooking, some may unintentionally sneeze. Some would even talk to their colleagues without knowing that they are spitting saliva,” a netizen said.

“Come on guys. We are already transitioning to endemicity, why do we need to mandate the use of face masks? What if there’s a robbery? How do we recognise their face?” another netizen said.

Nonetheless, face masks are still required on public transportation, such as buses, trains, flights, taxis, and e-hailing vehicles, as well as in hospitals and medical facilities.

Owners of malls, shops, or restaurants could still enforce rules that require visitors to wear face masks.

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