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“Agoda is a scam” Hotel in Perak makes guests pay extra RM180 and claims that online booking is a scam

Social News"Agoda is a scam" Hotel in Perak makes guests pay extra RM180...

Hotel booking applications such as Agoda, Airbnb, and Booking.com have made our vacations so much easier and cheaper. However, there are also instances where our hotel bookings went messed up, which ruined our holiday mood.

Recently, Facebook user Nazeerah Bashah took it online to share her horrible experience when booking a room in Teluk Intan, Perak via the Agoda application.

In a post on the community group Hotel Review Malaysia, Nazeerah shared that she booked a triple-sharing room for three adults and two children below the age of 12 at the hotel for one night on Christmas (25 December) and they were warmly greeted when they first arrived.

However, things escalated quickly when she was about to check into the room.

“Let me see your booking. You booked through Agoda. It’s a scam. How can this room be this cheap? This also happened to another group today,” the staff at the reception counter said.

Source: Agoda

Pay extra RM180 or we’ll cancel the room

The staff then told her that the payment through Agoda was invalid and requested she pay an additional RM180 for a new room.

“You have to pay RM180 for a new room, or just cancel. If you cancel, you will not get a refund. If you pay the new amount, you can get the refund from Agoda,” the staff said.

Nazeerah, who was familiar with the application as she always used Agoda to book stays overseas, said she refused to pay and immediately filed a complaint to Agoda about the hotel.

“The staff at Agoda were also given the same treatment, and they said the female staff was also rude to them as well,” Nazeerah revealed.

Source: Facebook

Nazeerah chooses not to give in

According to Nazeerah, Agoda offered to pay the additional charges so that Nazeerah and her family could still spend the night at the hotel. However, the staff insisted that Nazeerah pay them in cash.

She then decides to leave the vacation house to look for another place for their night.

Apparently, they were not the first victim and many other guests who booked the place through different platforms were also asked to pay extra as the place refused to pay commissions to the online platforms.

Similarly, the netizens also pointed out the staff’s bad attitude.

Do you have a similar experience when checking into a hotel you booked online? Share your thoughts!

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