Wednesday, February 8, 2023

“We have great Chemis-tree” MsPuiYi spends her Christmas with British influencer Mark O’Dea

Social News"We have great Chemis-tree" MsPuiYi spends her Christmas with British influencer Mark...

Spending the Christmas holiday with our loved ones is one of the many things we look forward to every year. As for Malaysian influencer MsPuiyi, it appears that she has finally found herself someone special to celebrate this Christmas with.

In an Instagram post on Christmas Day (25 December), Pui Yi uploaded a video of herself and British content creator Mark O’Dea embracing and kissing each other in a street in London, UK.

“Happier than ever,” she wrote in the caption.

For those who are unfamiliar, Mark O’Dea is an influencer who made his name about a decade ago. He was in a boyband called The London Boys before he moved on to being a TV host.

If the kiss was not convincing enough, O’Dea uploaded three photos of his Christmas celebration at home in London, with the first photo showing him embracing Pui Yi as they wore matching sweaters.

“Santa came and told me we have great Chemis-tree,” he said, as he wishes everyone a great time with their friends and family during this festive season.

Netizens congratulate the love birds

The breaking news shocked many netizens but at the same time, many congratulated her on the supposed new relationship, including local YouTuber Jinnyboy, Dolla member Sabronzo, and Singaporean DJ Jade Rasif, among others.

“Finally its out! Congratulations love birds,” a netizen said.

“You guys are perfect together,” another netizen said.

Earlier this month, MsPuiYi announced her decision to retire from the adult entertainment industry to focus on her new career path of being a DJ.

In June, she broke up with Malaysian model Oskar Lee after being together for a month.

MsPuiYi has over 20 million followers on Instagram, and she is the first Southeast Asian woman to be featured on the cover of American adult magazine Penthouse.

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