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Scammer pretends to be doctor to trick student into sending them naked photos

Parents, here’s something that you should warn your children about. It appears that some scammers are targeting young children and tricking them into sending naked pictures of themselves.

In a Twitter post, a netizen shared an incident of how a student was tricked by an alleged pedophile into sending naked pictures of herself.

The conversation started with the pedophile pretending to be a doctor and contact the student via Telegram. He then addressed the student by name and introduced himself as a female doctor who is in-charge for her medical test.

Without further questions, the student followed the doctor’s instructions to check if she was alone at home. The doctor also requested that she lock herself in the room to prevent others from interrupting.

Source: Twitter

The ‘doctor’ then informed the student that the medical test requires her to take a photo of her private part and breast.

“It is for your health check-up. I am conducting a breast cancer check-up for you. The way I conduct the test is through pictures, you can start by taking a selfie of yourself first,” the ‘doctor’ said.

Meanwhile, the student’s parent was alerted of this incident, and the other screenshots showed a conversation between the parent and the school headmaster.

Headmaster confirms no medical checkups

According to the headmaster, he said that the school has never conducted any sort of medical checkups on the bodies of their students.

“We have never even taken off their hijab,” he added.

The parent then said that their child had already sent photos of their naked body to the ‘doctor’.

The headmaster suggested the parent lodge a police report immediately regarding the incident.

Source: Twitter

However, it appears that the incident did not stop there and this time, a ‘teacher’ contacted the student on Telegram to ask her to take a video of herself in clothes, without clothes and putting the clothes back on.

Fortunately, the parent managed to stop the student from sending over the video and they later demanded an explanation from the headmaster.

While the police are still investigating the incident, let us remind our children of such scams and never fall for them again.

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