Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Maszlee Malik shares how his daughter’s professor thinks he resembles the late Chairman Mao, netizens amused

Social NewsMaszlee Malik shares how his daughter's professor thinks he resembles the late...

Some people may have looks that resemble celebrities or famous figures. As for former Education Minister Maszlee Malik, he recently shared how people mistook him for someone else that none of you would ever guess.

Taking it to his Twitter page, Maszlee said he had a portrait of himself on a shelf in his office and when his daughter was doing her online meeting there, her professor ended up asking her if she was a fan of a late Chinese revolutionary figure.

“Oh, never knew you are a great admirer of Chairman Mao!” Maszlee shared.

The late Chairman Mao Ze Dong was a Chinese communist revolutionary who was the founder the People’s Republic of China (PRC). He passed away in 1976.

Meanwhile, Maszlee’s tweet has gone viral with many netizens expressing concerns about his daughter’s professor. Some even urged Maszlee to change his daughter’s university.

“You seriously need to change your daughter’s university,” a netizen said.

“Guess we still do have ‘kangkung professors’, huh?” another netizen commented.

In another tweet, Maszlee revealed that the professor is from a private university in Washington DC – Georgetown University.

Resembling in some way

Nonetheless, some netizens said they do find that Maszlee shares the same vibes with the late Chairman Mao.

“Oh yeah. I do see the resemblance,” a netizen said.

Some think that it was his clothes that made him resemble the late Chairman Mao.

“Wear a black suit, and you’re mistaken as a Catholic priest,” one netizen said.

Do you think that Maszlee bear any resemblance to the late Chairman Mao? Share your thoughts!

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