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King tide phenomenon sweeps over 100 costal houses in Sandakan, displacing thousands

NewsKing tide phenomenon sweeps over 100 costal houses in Sandakan, displacing thousands

On Christmas Eve (24 December), over 100 coastal houses in Sandakan, Sabah were destroyed by the king tide phenomenon.

According to The Star, the incident caused hundreds of residents in the Kampung Forest area to be evacuated.

As of 8 am Sunday (25 December), the Civil Defence Force registered 284 families, comprising 1,194 people being placed at relief shelters in Pitas, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu.

Except for victims from Kota Belud who were evacuated due to floods, victims in all other affected districts were forced to flee due to the king tide phenomenon.

It was reported that the seawater began rising at about 7 pm and continued till midnight with residents fleeing their homes with their valuables and personal documents.

Fortunately, there were no reports of any casualties during the phenomenon.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

King tide phenomenon will occur again

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department warned that the king tide phenomenon would occur again in this district following the continuous rain warning.

Speaking in a press conference, Sandakan police chief ACP Abdul Fuad Abdul Malek urged residents in the areas to vacate their homes as a precaution.

“I have inspected several places that are at risk and advised the residents to move to their relatives’ place or to a temporary relief centre (PPS) that will be identified in their respective areas,” he was quoted as saying.

At the same time, Sandakan Member of Parliament Vivian Wong said she will discuss with the Sandakan Municipal Council (MPS) to request the use of housing units under the People’s Housing Program (PPR) as temporary accommodation for the victims.

“The victims have no place to stay and the PPS is not a long-term solution. I understand that there are PPR houses that have not been occupied which can be used while the victims look for another house,” she said.

A king tide is an unusually high tide that can cause local flooding. It occurs when the orbits and alignment of the Earth, moon, and sun combine to produce the greatest tidal effects of the year.

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