Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Communications Minister became target of scam syndicates, gets removed from group after report lodged to MCMC and PDRM

Social NewsCommunications Minister became target of scam syndicates, gets removed from group after...

Online fraud cases have been rising in Malaysia over the past few years. Every now and then, we tend to hear various stories of how people fall victim to well-orchestrated scams.

Nonetheless, it seems that scam occurrences are getting more common these days and even Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil himself became the target of a suspected scam syndicate.

Recently, Fahmi posted on Twitter that his mobile phone number had been added to a WhatsApp group by a suspected scammer.

The WhatsApp group was named ‘TikTok traffic group’ and it is believed that they are promoting certain videos its audiences to watch, like and follow. The WhatsApp group was created by an Indonesian number.

Shortly after, a person with the name ‘TikTok Jane’ started explaining the objective of this group.

Source: Twitter

Ejected right after report lodged

However, Fahmi posted a message in the WhatsApp group and said he had reported the existence of the group to the authorities. 

At this point, he was ejected from the chat group.

“The scammer had added me to the WhatsApp scam group. When I said that I had alerted police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, I was kicked out,” Fahmi said.

Fahmi then urged those who fall victim to scams to immediately call 997.

Meanwhile, some netizens alleged that such scams are becoming more frequent in the country because of data leak incidents.

“YB needs to find a solution to data breach incidents. How did the syndicates get their hands on our phone numbers,” a netizen said.

Here’s a reminder to follow the instructions on this poster if you ever fall victim to a scam.

Source: Twitter

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