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SAR operation at Batang Kali officially ends, PDRM expresses gratitude to all agencies involved

NewsSAR operation at Batang Kali officially ends, PDRM expresses gratitude to all...

The search-and-rescue (SAR) mission at the landslide site at Father’s Organic Farm in Jalan Batang Kali-Gohtong has officially ended this afternoon (25 December), said Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani.

The SAR operations that began on 16 December continued for 10 days until the last victim was retrieved.

According to Bernama, the IGP said SAR personnel have concluded that no more landslide victims are missing.

“After the last victim was retrieved at about 4.30 yesterday (24 December), we agreed that the command centre will be closed at noon today. Initially, we expected there were 94 victims when the tragedy struck on 16 December based on Father’s Organic Farm campsite registry.”

“However, after we conducted cross-checks with the figures and reports from the victims’ relatives, the death count was brought down to 31 victims, with 61 survivors making it 92 (total victims),” he said.

Source: Malaysia Gazette

Decision made after discussion with other agencies

Arcyl Sani said the decision to cease the SAR operation was made after a discussion with the agencies involved.

“This operation is also in line with the National Security Council Directive 20 (NSC 20) where police act as the operation commander, with the Fire and Rescue Department being deputy commander.”

“After further discussions, the Bomba (Fire and Rescue Department) concluded that there are no more missing victims and we have agreed that the operation will now cease.

“But other technical matters will still be carried out by the Public Works Department, Mineral and Geoscience Department, and the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police force (PDRM) also expressed gratitude to all the agencies involved in successfully finding all missing victims, as well as the undivided prayers and support from Malaysians to the safety personnel on duty throughout the search period.

Rest in peace to all the victims of the Batang Kali landslide.

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