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M’sian man proposes with an Excel spreadsheet and it’s the most romantic proposal ever!

Social NewsM'sian man proposes with an Excel spreadsheet and it's the most romantic...

When it comes to marriage proposals, most women would expect them to be filled with surprises, flowers, and the most important of all — the diamond ring and the question ‘Will you marry me?’

While most men will try their best to fulfil these, this Twitter user did the opposite and proposed to his beloved wife with a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet.

On Twitter, user @zikri recounted how he convince his wife to marry him with an Excel spreadsheet that details their individual incomes and budgets.

The spreadsheet was to show that he has enough income to afford a wedding and a life with her. This also showed his determination in planning for their marriage life in the future.

Zikri then stressed the importance of financial planning and transparency are in a relationship.

“Love doesn’t put food on the table — trust me, I have struggled to support my loved ones before,” he said.

“Like whether you can afford to have your own place, or if one of you can be a stay-at-home partner.”

Source: Twitter

Assess your ‘financial readiness’ for marriage

Meanwhile, Zikri also shared his spreadsheet template for the public if anyone wants to check their ‘financial readiness’ for marriage.

There are three sections in his spreadsheet, which are Me, You, and Life Together. After filling up the tables, one would be able to get an estimation of whether they are ready for marriage.

According to Zikri, he did not propose in the traditional sense but still managed to surprise his wife with a ring.

In the comment section, netizens said this is actually romantic in a way. Many also praised Zikri for planning though his marriage life before proposing to his wife.

“No, this is ‘romantic’ enough for me. I did a whole year of financial planning for myself, so I expect my partner to do the same for us too,” a netizen said.

“If someone proposed to me with this, I will trust that he is the responsible type and is clear about what he wants in life,” another netizen said.

What do you think about this? Do you think that an Excel spreadsheet is more romantic than flowers and surprises?

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