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Education Ministry may reintroduce UPSR and PT3, will consider based on facts and data collected

NewsEducation Ministry may reintroduce UPSR and PT3, will consider based on facts...

The decision to reintroduce the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) and the Form Three Assessment (PT3) will depend on the results of the tabling of the Malaysia Education Development Plan 2025, said Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek.

According to Bernama, Fadhlina said the decision to reintroduce both exams will be based on facts and data collected throughout the plan, not on existing tendencies.

“We understand parents’ concerns after the abolishment of the exams. This issue saw a long process with stakeholders, parents, and teachers before the decision to abolish UPSR was made.”

“We have to table the results of the report first to implement improvements to the education system,” she was quoted saying.

She added that the ministry is currently working on strengthening school-based learning for students to improve, progress, and develop their potential, instead of an exam-based approach.

She said that children need holistic development and cannot only focus on a single aspect.

Source: The Star

Ministry working on returning school session to January

Meanwhile, Fadhlina said the ministry is committed to ensuring that school session will return to its original schedule in January soon.

However, she said it cannot be implemented next year as several justifications are needed, in accordance with the Education Act 1996.

Fadhlina explains that any change to the school session needs to take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia, and Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia examination schedules into consideration, along with local economic factors and the year-end floods.

The school session for 2022/2023 was changed to begin in March 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and implementation of the movement control order. 

The school session for 2023/2024 will begin on 10 or 11 March depending on the individual state.

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