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NRD warns that holding on to another’s MyKad is illegal, including security guards

NewsNRD warns that holding on to another's MyKad is illegal, including security...

The MyKad is the most important card to Malaysians, and one should immediately make a police report in the event of a loss. This is because MyKad contains a microchip that stores our personal data, including addresses and biometrics.

Due to security reasons, the National Registration Department (NRD) has warned that it is an offence for anybody, including the management office of residential buildings or security guards, to hold on to another person’s MyKad.

Speaking to Utusan, NRD director-general Datuk Ruslin Jusoh said that the MyKad said such an act is an offence under the National Registration Regulations 1990.

He said that the MyKad is a national security document that cannot be possessed by any other individual unless they are Malaysian citizens.

Explaining further, he said that this is to prevent the possibility of other parties falsifying information found on MyKads and using it to commit other crimes.

Meanwhile, Ruslin said that only officers authorised under Regulation 25 under the National Registration Regulations 1990 have the authority to hold and inspect a MyKad.

“If there is a condominium security guard or any unrelated individual trying to hold or check someone else’s MyKad, they can report it to the NRD.”

“We want to stress that only officers or authorities such as the police, the Road Transport Department, the Customs Department, the Immigration Department are authorised to hold on to another individual’s MyKad,” Ruslin said.

Source: Universal Guards

Forgery on the rise

Ruslin said that the department is aware of the rising forgery of documents, especially with many foreigners seeking to obtain citizenship here illegally.

He said that NRD has through various operations from 2020 until last November made 491 arrests, of which 289 involved various MyKad-related offences, including using fake identity cards, using someone else’s identity cards, or having more than one identity card.

In addition, NRD also found the mastermind behind a MyKad counterfeiting syndicate comprised local and foreign nationals who were believed to move in small groups and often change locations.

“Even though the number is not many, we take it seriously and are very committed to combating the falsification of personal documents to the root.”

“In fact, recently we discovered that certain parties are using a modus operandi to advertise the sale of MyKad, myPR and other identification documents on WhatsApp and Facebook… many individuals were deceived and lost RM6,000 as a result of being deceived by the syndicate.

“I would like to emphasise that NRD never offers services through agents or social media. In fact, all matters must be present at the JPN counter or office,” he said.

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