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Man dismayed by RM45 Nasi Campur plate

Social NewsMan dismayed by RM45 Nasi Campur plate

A man got the shock of his life when informed that his dish of mixed rice cost an outrageous RM45.

The man’s girlfriend initially tweeted about the incident on the social media site Xiaohongshu, claiming that she saw his plate and immediately knew it would be a costly supper, according to Sin Chew Daily.

Source: Sin Chew

“He didn’t believe it,” she wrote. “He was shocked when it was time to pay — RM45 for a plate of mixed rice!”

According to the receipt, the man paid for the astronomically expensive meal on October 29, 2021. But after spreading online, the tale acquired popularity.

Source: Sin Chew

The image she posted showcased a plate of rice with onion omelette (RM3) and pandan leaf chicken (RM4.50), with the priciest dishes on the list being petai prawn (RM10), sotong (RM8), and otak-otak (RM9), which drove up the price tremendously.

Even while looking at the receipt and considering the quantity and variety of foods he ordered may make it appear reasonable, it still seems a little suspect that a petai prawn with no visible prawns can cost RM10 and four pieces of sotong may cost RM8.

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