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M’sian restaurant owner chides unruly football fans for destroying his establishment while watching World Cup Final

Social NewsM'sian restaurant owner chides unruly football fans for destroying his establishment while...

The best place to watch the FIFA World Cup finals between Argentina and France that took place last Sunday (18 December) has got to be our local mamak restaurants. Apart of the snacks, football fans from the neighbourhood would gather and cheer for their favourite team.

Despite the hype, one restaurant owner has taken to his Facebook page to share his disappointment with some fans who celebrated a little too passionately at his restaurant.

According to Shihan Salim, his restaurant that was located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, was left in a mess after football fans wrecked his restaurant while watching the game. Among the damages suffered were broken walls, smashed glass tables, and cracked plastic chairs.

Source: Facebook

“Are you here to watch the game or destroy other’s property? We made the amenities available for you to celebrate the spirit of football, but you destroy them instead.”

“Next time, we will display the faces of those who came to spoil the mood of the football game,” the angry owner wrote.

“If this is how things are going to be, we will be thinking twice before allowing guests to come to our restaurant to watch football,” he added.

Restaurant crew had to stay up to 5.30 am to clean up

Shihan also shared that his restaurant crew had to stay up until 5.30 am to clean the entire restaurant before they could operate normally in the morning.

In another post, the owner shared some videos that showed how some customers behaved wildly while watching the World Cup finals.

Some were seen standing on tables, clanging metal plates, and acting erratically throughout the game.

Meanwhile, the restaurant owner has put up a message to seek compensation from the football fans who did not pay for their food and drinks, as well as the damage they caused.

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