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Kelantan flood victim forced to boil flood water to drink due to the lack of access to clean drinking water

The continuous rain in Kelantan has caused several districts to be flooded. Unfortunately, as the floods prolong, flood victims now face another issue — access to clean and drinking water.

According to Harian Metro, flood victims in Kampung Tasek Bakong, Rantau Panjang, Kelantan were forced to boil flood water for their consumption due to the lack of access to clean water.

In addition, Harian Metro reported that the flood victims were facing food shortages because they could not leave their houses as the water level had risen.

It was reported that 62 victims in Rantau Panjang had to source the flood water as they lost access to clean water three days ago. Roads remain inaccessible as the flood water has not subsided.

Source: Harian Metro

Speaking to the press, one of the victims said she was aware that boiling flood water is not a good idea, but they are left with no alternatives as the children are thirsty.

Also, the adults were affected by thirst and hunger.

 “We hope that someone will come in to send clean water to us here. We know that it is not easy to access this area, so we’re looking for other ways too. Hopefully, the water we drink will not be harmful,” she said.

Source: Malay Mail

Flood victims had to cramp in one house

Meanwhile, another victim shared that clean water is not the only problem that they have in mind. The victim said temporary evacuation centers are currently full and they had to cramp in the house of one resident who is not severely affected, and even so, the yard was flooded with 0.5 meters of water.

“Some of us sleep in the car, while others had to sleep together in a limited space,” he said.

“Some of the victims have only roofs left in their homes, but we are thankful that there is still a place to shelter.”

Hopefully, the flood will subside soon and the flood victims would be able to return to their homes again.

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