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“PN ready to take over when the time comes” M’sians slam Opposition for attempting Sheraton Move 2.0

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On Monday (19 December), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim won the vote of confidence at the First Session of the 15th Parliament, proving to the Opposition his legitimacy as the nation’s 10th Prime Minister.

However, it appears that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition is still not giving up on the throne and has promised to come back when the ‘time is right’.

Speaking at a press conference after the Parliamentary session, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said PN remains ready to take over as ruling government ‘when the time comes’ and that ‘it can be any time; tomorrow, next week or next election’.

Source: NST

This particular remark by the Opposition leader did not go well with netizens, with many criticising PN for scheming ‘Sheration Move 2.0’ and its attempt to create another ‘backdoor’ government.

In addition, netizens also said that the Opposition were only good at accusing others without evidence and were unable to debate about more crucial issues at hand.

“Openly announcing their willingness and plan to undermine parliamentary democracy? In an ideal world, someone should come knocking on their door soon,” a netizen said.

PN MPs not living up to standards

Meanwhile, a netizen also pointed out that MPs from PN have no idea of how to run a country.

“To defeat PN MPs in parliament is easy. Talk about the economy like how Rafizi and Johari Ghani did, and they stay silent with no comments. Talk about the law like how Azalina Othman is doing, and you will get the same. It is evident PN MPs have no depth in maneuvering this country,” the netizen said.

“We understand that the role of the Opposition is to question the Government’s decisions on policy making. It’s about checks and balances. However, on the first day itself, it seems that MPs from PN are more like idiots,” another netizen said.

Watch the speech by the Opposition leader here:

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