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M’sian men spotted sitting in women’s coach in KTM, netizens had divided opinions

Social NewsM'sian men spotted sitting in women's coach in KTM, netizens had divided...

The Ladies Coach has been implemented in KTM for over ten years now, but it appears that some still do not get the idea of having these special coaches for women.

In a post in the Malaysian subreddit group, r/Malaysia, the user asked, “What’s your take on men who can’t read?”, adding that several men were ignorant and just walked straight into the women’s coach.

The user also featured a photo that shows three men, whose faces are covered by the clown emoji, sitting in a coach on the KTM train.

Source: Reddit

Meanwhile, all three men can be clearly seen sitting under a sign within the coach that reads, “This is the women’s coach, women only”.

In the second photo, a policewoman was seen patrolling in the coach as she chases off men in the women’s coach. The user also revealed that this happened at the Kajang KTM station.

Read the post here:

Enforcement? Mentality? or something else?

The post has since gone viral on Reddit, with many netizens sharing their take on the matter.

Some netizens said that it was the lack of enforcement that contributed to people breaking the rules.

However, one netizen disagreed that it was an enforcement issue, but rather Malaysians lack such a mentality. The user then compared Malaysians to Japanese people.

“A society shouldn’t have to function under enforcement. Look at Japan, there aren’t a lot of public trash cans, but that doesn’t mean people litter all over the place. It’s a mentality and culture thing,” he said.

Source: Reddit

Meanwhile, some netizens shared that they had made such mistakes before, without knowing that they’ve entered a women’s coach.

“Once, I had to rush because the doors were closing, so I ran to the nearest door. It was a women’s coach. People looked at me weird, but I played it off as if I didn’t know anything, and just walked into the other coach,” a netizen said.

Other netizens then pointed out that the sign saying the coach is strictly for women’s use is way too small for them and suggested that the rail operator could paint the exterior of the coach or the seats with pink.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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