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“When I answer, you sit down!” Azalina schools Takiyuddin for continuously interrupting her speech

News"When I answer, you sit down!" Azalina schools Takiyuddin for continuously interrupting...

Unlike Singapore’s Parliamentary session, Malaysia’s often ended up in chaos with lots of screaming and heated exchanges.

During the first day of the Parliamentary session after GE15, a heated argument sparked between Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said and Kota Bharu MP Takiyuddin bin Haji Hassan.

While Azalina was answering a question posed by Takiyuddin about the legality of the MoU signed between coalition leaders within the unity government, Takiyuddin repeatedly interrupted her speech.

Source: Twitter

Initially, Azalina tried to be patient with Takiyuddin and urged him to let her finish before raising any questions. However, the PAS secretary-general continued interrupting her and said he did not understand what she was saying.

After a short while, Azalina was unable to bear his behaviour and finally snapped. She then chided him for acting in an ‘undemocratic manner’.

Azalina continued slamming him in English, while saying that the government had every right to defend itself from accusations made by the Opposition.

However, Takiyuddin tried to defend himself and said that he was only asking if she wants to reply his question.

“When I answer, you sit down”

Azalina then slammed him by requesting him to show some respect to the person who is trying to deliver the speech.

“Then you sit down lah, let me reply! If you keeping standing up, how am I going to answer?

“When I answer, you sit down. When I sit down, then you stand up! That’s how you should do it. That is the problem with you because you always think you’re right!”

On Twitter, netizens defended Azalina and praised her for schooling Takiyuddin.

“This is my first time seeing her debate. Impressive, and I begin to like her,” a netizen said.

“Wow, dynamite man she’s a great law minister. Right choice,” another netizen said.

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