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Public works department closes Batang Kali-Genting road for a year to facilitate repair works

NewsPublic works department closes Batang Kali-Genting road for a year to facilitate...

The Batang Kali-Genting road in Hulu Selangor will be closed for a year to facilitate slope and road repair works, says Public Works Department secretary-general Datuk Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman.

According to Berita Harian, Ahmad said the Public Works Department (KKR) will soon release a notice on the alternative routes.

He added that the department will carry out a detailed study of the incident once the search-and-rescue (SAR) operation is completed.

“Although the road is okay, we will not allow it for public use until a new slope is made, which will take about a year,” he was quoted as saying.

Source: Facebook

He then explained that the devastating landslide that happened last Friday (16 December) was not caused by road development in the area but due to underground water.

“It is not due to illegal irrigation at the campsite, but the flow of underground water that we cannot see on the surface,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmad said that a total of 1,045 slopes along federal roads in the peninsula are at high risk of collapsing.

“No development is allowed to take place in high-risk areas. According to guidelines, development is not allowed in red zones,” he said.

Source: Malay Mail

Landslide caused by accumulation of underground water

Earlier, KKR released an animated video to explain how the landslide happened at Batang Kali, Selangor.

The 45-second infographic video begins by showing the location of the Father’s Organic Farm campsites, which were situated beside a forested hillside.

Meanwhile, KKR said that there are no cracks on the tarmac surface of the B66 Jalan Batang Kali-Genting Hulu Selangor, and the landslide was caused by the accumulation of underground water at the bottom of the slope.

Watch the easy-to-understand video here:

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